We offer the following services at Playtri:

Bike Repair & Service

Equipment Rentals

Dynamic Bike Fitting

Performance Testing - COMING SOON!

Bike Repair Packages


  • Adjust derailleurs and brakes

  • Check chain for wear


  • Adjust/check brakes, brake pads, and brake cables

  • Adjust/check derailleurs, and shift cables

  • Check chain for wear

  • Adjust/check headset

  • Spot true wheels

  • Check torque on external bolts and accessories

  • Wipe down bike


  • Includes full Standard Tune Up service

  • Includes labor cost to install chain & all non-internal routed cables

  • Truing of both wheels in truing stand

  • Adjust/check hubs

  • Adjust/check bottom bracket/crankset

  • Wash bike


  • Includes full Basic Tune Up and Total Care Service

  • Removal, cleaning, and re-installation of drive train, brakes, and seat post

  • Re-pack hubs, headset, and bottom bracket

  • Wash and detail bike

  • Installation of new tires and tubes


Playtri offers all adjustments and other labor ala carte based on the customer's needs. Bring your bike in today for subsequent recommendations and pricing for a tune up or repair that suits YOUR needs.

Please Note: Bikes dropped off for service must be picked up within 6 business days of completion notification.  Bicycles not picked up within three business days will be subject to our bike storage fees.  Bike storage fees will be our standard $20 a day until the bike is picked up.


Mountain Bike Build w/Dropper: $90 (w/o Dropper: $60)

Road Bike Build: $90

Time Trial/Triathlon Bike Build: $120

Disassembly and Packing: $90 (does not include packing materials or cost of shipping)

  • Packing Material: $25

  • Bike Box: $45

To coordinate your bike packing and/or assembly, please contact us.

*Please note - Playtri is not liable for any damage that may occur during the course of transportation. 

Equipment Rentals


Playtri Rogers rents Mountain, Gravel, Road, and Time Trial/Triathlon Bikes.

We also offer weekly and monthly special pricing.  Please contact us for more details.

All bike rentals include a 15 minute quick fit to ensure proper sizing and performance.  Bicycle rentals include flat pedals.  Please contact us at 479-372-4768 for more details.

All rentals must be accompanied by a credit card in case of damage due to misuse or failure to return.

Use your rental fee towards your own bike!

If the customer purchases a NEW bike from Playtri within 30 days of rental, they may put the rental fee towards their purchase. Only one rental fee may be applied to any purchase, and this cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

Call or email us for questions about bike rentals.


Rental Fleet Bikes:

  1. Full Suspension: $65/Same Day or $80/24-Hours

  2. Gravel: $35/Same Day or $50/24-Hours

BIKE MSRP UNDER $1,000 - $45

BIKE MSRP $1,000 to $2,000 - $85

BIKE MSRP $2,000 to $3,000 - $105

BIKE MSRP $3,000 to $4,000 - $125

BIKE MSRP $4,000 to $5,000 - $145

BIKE MSRP $5,000 to $6,000 - $165

BIKE MSRP $6,000 to $7,000 - $185

BIKE MSRP $7,000 to $8,000 - $200


Try before you Buy! Wetsuit rental fees can be applied to the purchase of a NEW wetsuit within 60 days of the rental date. Up to two rental fees may be used towards one wetsuit. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

3 day rental - $45

5 day rental - $60

Pickup is during business hours, and suits must be returned no later than close of business on the due date.  There is an additional $20 late fee for every day the suit is late in being returned.

All rentals must be accompanied by a credit card in case of damage due to misuse, or failure to return the suit.

Contact us for questions about wetsuit rentals.    

Bike Fits

The correct bike fit can make a huge difference in comfort, speed and power, and Playtri has over 18 years of experience in fitting bikes. Whether you just want to enjoy your ride, or are trying to maximize your performance, a bike fit is a must for any cyclist.


Our basic fit evaluation includes saddle height and fore/aft adjustments. Contact us for more information or to schedule a bike sizing- walk-ins accepted if fit staff is available. Credit able to be applied towards purchase of new bicycle.


This is fit includes adjustment/installation of cleats (and shims, if needed), and adjustment of saddle height, saddle fore/aft. This is a perfect solution if you are having difficulty finding a comfortable saddle or shoes or wanting to change pedals. Contact us for more information, or to schedule a bike fitting.

PROFESSIONAL FIT — $250 (Road, Mountain, Gravel, Triathlon)

Combine Playtri's 18 plus years in coaching and bike fit with objective data from computerized motion capture analysis. Motion capture cameras record a rider's position throughout every portion of the pedal stroke in order to capture the full range of bio-mechanical movement. This complete picture of both athlete and machine makes for a bike fit that is optimal for performance, efficiency, injury prevention and comfort.

  • Biomechanical analysis

  • Cycling-specific assessment

  • Dynamic data capture of full body movements to determine optimal position

  • Comprehensive digital reports of body parameters (before and after) and bike position (before and after)

Contact us for more information, or email for more information   

 Performance Testing 

Lactate testing, VO2 Max testing and sweat testing COMING SOON!